This is why 14

I remember being in the doctor’s waiting room with my two month old daughter waiting for her first jabs. I didn’t want her to have them, firstly because I didn’t want my perfect little girl to be hurt, and secondly because I didn’t think I agreed with them. At that time I hadn’t done much research but I remember discussing with my NCT group and the general consensus was that they were essential to protect your child.

My daughter had quite a severe reaction to that jab, her leg swelled up and she cried ALOT for the next few days. I made the decision to put off her next jabs until I had had time to research further. That was when I started devouring information, trying to look objectively at the situation.

I constantly felt like I was defending my decision to Heath professionals who made me feel like I was a bad parent for leaving my daughter ‘unprotected’. I think they had probably already labelled me as ‘difficult’ after I insisted on a home-birth, no vitamin K and no heel prick test.

At that point my daughter was coming up to two and the dreaded MMR. Again, there was a lot if discussion amongst friends with similarly shed children about whether they should go ahead. I hoped that at least one of them would decide not to and that I’d have someone who felt the same way as me about vaccines. Sadly each of them chose to vaccinate with the MMR and I faced rounds of questions like ‘Aren’t you worried about death or complications from measles?’ In fact one of my friends said to me ‘both mine have had the MMR and are fine’. My response that ‘it must be safe then’ didn’t go down well! Anyway, I’m very sad to say that I bowed to pressure and got my daughter vaccinated against measles only by taking her to a private clinic. Subsequently I’ve learned that its the measles vaccine that has the most potential to cause damage.

My daughter has always suffered from immuno type conditions – warts, eczema and molluscum. We treat them but they keep recurring. I’d be interest to see studies done into rates of, for example, eczema in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. I had terrible eczema when I was little and have recently secured my medical notes to try and understand whether time-wise there might be a link with the jabs I received.

When my son was born I was adamant he was going to have as little as possible to do with the medical professionals. Natural water birtj with no pain relief, no vitamin k, no heel prick and NO vaccinations. He is the healthiest child I know and I don’t worry about his health because as a parent I am taking responsibility for keeping him healthy. Plenty of fresh air, organic fruit and veg, no dairy and minimal sugar.

My daughter still suffers with her conditions, and I feel guilty that they are partly my fault for subjecting her to the jabs. Nevertheless trying to live healthily and use ‘alternative’ treatments is helping.

It takes a lot of faith in your convictions to follow a non vaccinated path. The medical profession try to use fear to get you to comply and other parents accuse you of taking risks with your children’s health.

I really hope the lies about vaccinations are exposed before too many more children are damaged. I find it amazing that information about the amount paid out by the vaccine compensation board, and for what, is freely available, and yet people still put their children through vaccinations. I also think that medical professionals should be sharing the product inserts with parents prior to jabs being given, had I read any of them I certainly wouldn’t have gone ahead, the list of possible side effects is horrific!

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This is why 13

We initially delayed vaccinating our children because it seemed much too early in a baby/toddler’s development to overload their growing immune system with so many vaccinations. Especially as they introduce the virus and other ingredients straight into the blood stream and avoid part of the bodies defence system.
Other countries have other guidelines and start later.

But the more we researched the more it became apparent that:

a) vaccines have many side-effects which are covered up and under-reported

b) vaccines are often given for diseases which are harmless in all but extraordinary circumstances

c) the side-effects are often much more serious than the disease vaccinated against

d) vaccines are wrongly credited with the eradication of the major infectious diseases of the past; these were already all but gone by the time the vaccinations programmes were introduced/widely taken up

e) commercial interests have repeatedly been given priority over rigorous science and safety studies

f) contracting childhood illnesses benefits the development of the immune system

g) natural immunity is for life, while vaccine-induced immunity wears off, leaving people vulnerable at an age when otherwise harmless childhood illnesses can indeed be dangerous

I say this after reading hundreds of pages in books and on websites and I believe that no sane parent who is well informed would adhere to the recommended vaccination programme.

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This is why 12

None of mine are vaccinated, I have three. I started researching when I found my own vax records , which stated that I was not to be given whooping cough vaccine, no polio and no tetanus, which was odd in South Africa where it was compulsory. My older brother had the whole lot and with each vax his immune system got weaker, and he died aged 5. On reading and researching I knew that I could not inflict these poisons on my children.

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This is why 11

My ah ha moment was when I talked to my husband about childhood memories of bad ear infections. My mother said I was on antibiotics for 3 months at one time. I can see myself screaming from the pain. I was nervous about having our first child because she might go thru this as well. As I am telling him my story he also tells me his. He went thru the same thing in the beginning, but his mother took him off dairy, and they never came back. This is still so motivating for me, it is all in what you put into your body. When you put something inside it will have an effect! There started my journey of health. What benefits are certain foods, why could the docs not heal me, what was the cause of my pains……I took a big wide range look at everything I put into my body.

My first was born and injected with hepB and antibiotic eye drops, and I did not realize this happened. We were in the hospital for 5 days due to her blood cell count being off, she had a hard time with digestion from the start, probably from the antibiotic they had her newly born body on. She had tear duct problems for a long time, always refilling these prescription drops, her eye would be crusted shut. Just awful. One day I was out of the drops and decided to squirt some breast milk into her eyes, and I just kept on doing this and her eyes self corrected in 2 weeks! Started taking probiotics and her digestion showed great improvements.

I was talking to other parents and got worried so I decided to get the dtap vaccine. She slept for nearly 2 days, not wanting to nurse, but not fussing. She also had the worst exzema, it was painful and looked so harsh. Still not confident with the decision I took her for another vaccination. ……. She got whooping cough, her second time on an antibiotic.

My second child I did not get the hepB nor the antibiotic eye drops. No problems. No eyes difficulties, no skin issues, no digestion troubles. Then her sister caught whooping cough and I freaked out, and went for the dtap at about 6 months old. The doctors convinced me to get pc also..The change in her was noticable right away, her temperament was so off for a couple weeks, her cheeks started drying out, and I was imagining all the problems repeating. From that day on I promised myself we do not need it at all. The focus should be on what we eat to remain healthy, not adding more toxins thinking it will help somehow.

With the third I have left him the way he is, and at 4 months he has no issues at all. No colic, beautiful skin, everything is great, even slept thru the night 4 times already. I have finally gained the confidence to speak about my decision also.

Since my first daughter has came into my life our diet has dramatically changed. As much organic as possible, less meat, gluten free, no cows milk or soy milk only rice and nut milks. I have started gardening to show her the love of food and to educate myself.

I was gifted this book by Dr Sears, called the Vaccine book. Very interesting. I mean who would want anything made with cow fetus, monkey kidneys, formaldehyde, or any type of metal. what about the preservative injected straight into their blood system??? I took her to the one week check up and didnt go back to the doctors.

Do the research, pay attention to who publishes the articles, look up the ingredients, evaluate diet, work with mother nature to ensure health.
This works for me, Good luck mamas

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This is why 10

I had already decided I would not do anything for a while certainly not whilst my son was newborn. It seemed the most unnatural thing to do.

I just could not justify putting toxins into his body when the probability of him catching one of these illnesses was rare. I believed his immune system was happily building itself up (with breast milk/wholesome diet/homeopathic medicine). I was faced with hostility from my mother who at the time was a Health Visitor and from my own GP who tried to get my son’s father to sign a disclaimer to say the practice was not responsible for his health (in general not just vaccine related). Of course we refused. What was coming out to me was that the GP’s were only giving part information and I was grateful I had not let myself be bullied.

By the time he was a year old I had read quite a lot which helped me to make a more informed decision. The Informed Parent was very useful particularly reading the fights of parents with vaccine damaged children. At the time I had become a childminder and we were all being offered polio shots to “reduce the risk of catching it from faeces of vaccinated children”. Whilst I was confident that I could protect myself I was concerned that my son was in close intimate contact with other infants who had been vaccinated. I also wanted him to go swimming and felt there was a possible risk there. I decided to let him have the polio vaccine. I also decided he would have tetanus as he walked at 9 months and I was slightly paranoid about dirt etc.

On the day of the vaccinations I had just signed a consent form for a single tetanus shot. Just before the nurse injected my son some deep instinct asked me to look at the vial. He was about to be injected with DTP. I was horrified and offered a meagre apology but my gut feeling was that this was not a mistake. Had I had any trust left that day it was lost. I went ahead with the polio and tetanus first round. They were the last vaccinations he had. I am blessed to say he has always enjoyed good health and continues to do so. ( now aged 17)

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This is why 9

About 22 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I began to more deeply research holistic approaches to health and tried to get some clarity around vaccinations.
I have to say I was shocked at what I discovered and in the end the decision not to vaccinate was an easy one for me and for my husband.
I am 53 now, so when I was growing up people had parties to help one another catch childhood illnesses while we were all still young and could get life long immunity. I remember having measles, German measles (Rubella) and chickenpox. They were a little uncomfortable, but over in about a week.
My children are now 21 and 14. Both are unvaccinated and medication free. They have had chicken pox, whooping cough, a vomiting bug and some mild flu-like episodes. They both dealt with these episodes easily and made rapid recoveries. They rarely get coughs, colds or other things that do the rounds and I would say their immune systems are strong.
I discovered when my daughter was one that my life long ill health was due to mercury poisoning. My parents had taken me to live in the tropics when I was six weeks old. My mother said I screamed for the entire 30 hour flight there. Two weeks prior to departure I had received all the tropical illness vaccines and the regular vaccinations in one day. Many of them contained a mercury based preservative.
From 3 or 4 years old my teeth had holes (a common mercury poisoning complaint) and these holes were filled with amalgams adding to my mercury load. From then on I was plagued with symptoms similar to Diptheria. My tonsils would swell so I had almost no airway and they were covered in pus. I couldn’t eat and could barely drink. I ran high fevers with profuse sweats and was always too hot or to cold.
No one realized that my problem was due to mercury. Over the years I became deathly ill after visits to the dentist. I also became violently ill after eating tuna fish. I became sick under fluorescent strip lighting. Each time I was ill I had been given antibiotics, so my natural immunity was shot and I had chronic fatigue. My final poisoning episode came from fumes from carpet glue. It made me so ill that I had a near death experience. When I checked the glue I found it contained a mercurial bio-cide. Mercury is added to paint and glue because it kills mold and fungi.In fact it is probably the deadliest poison there is.
Finally I had my “Aha!” moment. I had all my amalgams removed and replaced, although sadly to this day my remaining teeth are in a very sad state. It took many many years to return to health. I stopped taking conventional medication and turned to holistic approaches exclusively. I paid attention to my diet, only eating organic, poison-free food and got a filter system for my water. I drink green juice – about a pint a day and that has helped immensely.
I do feel so very fortunate that I didn’t vaccinate my daughter, who probably had already had a lot of mercury exposure in utero. Hers might have been a very different story. It is heart breaking to read the stories of parents who unquestioningly vaccinated and now have a severely damaged child. They tell their stories over and over, but the media ignores them and the authorities push on with an ever crazier and lengthening list of recommended vaccinations. In the US one in 50 children has autism, one in 32 boys. In the UK the numbers are similar. Parents insist their child was not born that way. That they saw them change after vaccinations. I wrote this because maybe you are a parent and maybe reading this will save you and your children terrible suffering.
Whatever you choose to do educate yourself before you decide. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Thanks for listening.

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This is why 8

My story is brief. 14 years ago I had my first son. At the time I had no feelings about vaccines either way, it was just not something I had ever considered. My son had a difficult pregnancy and birth (pre-eclampsia and emergency section) and I did start to think about health and especially natural health a lot more than I ever had before during this difficult time. When my son was pre-first vaccine age I met some lovely mums through La Leche League who began to talk to me about vaccination. They hadn’t vaccinated and I was horrified. I cited the fact that my Mum hadn’t vaccinated me against whooping cough during the scare in the 70s and I had had the disease and was now an asthmatic, linking the three events. They turned this on its head, telling me that it may be the other vaccines I had been given that gave me asthma (and hay fever and psoriasis and allergies!). This was a world-changing comment for me. I had never even considered this. I was lent Leon Chaitow’s book, I read it avidly. Then the appointment for my son’s first jabs rolled around. I was still uncertain so I took him to the surgery and sat waiting for his name to be called. When it was, something inside, a very strong inner voice, told me to wheel that buggy out of there immediately. I listened, thank goodness, walked away and never looked back. I now have three unvaccinated boys (who I would like to marry unvaccinated girls – we will have to start a non-vaccinated marriage bureau!) who are all very healthy on the whole with none of the chronic illnesses or allergies that I have. I am very grateful to those ladies who gently informed me before the jabs were due. Thanks to them, I have taken responsibility for my own children’s health and well being. That is a very empowering position and I have gained knowledge that I never would have if I had left it to the medical establishment to decide for me.

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This is why 7

My children are now 18 years and 15 years old.  When my now 18 year old daughter was a baby I started reading around the vaccine question.  I was already interested in natural healthcare and the idea of injecting toxic chemicals into my baby just felt wrong.  We didn’t have the access to info that we have now and I felt overwhelmed by the pressure from our Army medical centre.  So, I went ahead and did it reluctantly.  Looking back at her red medical book I can see now a catalogue of events that I just didn’t see at the time.


There followed constant projectile vomiting, sometimes with green bile, for the period during the DPT course.  Her skin became even more sensitive and dry and she was also very colicy.  At 13 months, despite my better judgement but feeling pressurised by the medics she had the MMR.  Three weeks after the MMR she had mumps and started a cough which developed into asthma and her skin condition became eczema.   Fortunately, I had discovered a local homeopath who was also a GP.  She gave me the confidence to start working with homeopathic remedies and I trusted that she could support me when my daughter was ill.  She cured the cough so my daughter never had to have steroids and we began the long journey to curing the eczema.

When my daughter was 3, my son was born and once again I was being pushed by the med centre to vaccinate him.  This time I knew better.  My Health Visitor was WONDERFUL!  She gave me the telephone number of a vaccination specialist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.  This person compiled evidence and information on all vaccines.  She was really helpful.  This was when my studying into vaccination really started.

As an aside, my husband is in the Army and is a Gulf War vet.  Following a horrifying catalogue of vaccines (including bubonic plague, yellow fever and anthrax) along with nerve agent tablets and malaria pills, he was ill for 7 years.  His skin was shockingly lumpy and dry, he had constant coughs and colds with asthma and, more worryingly, had acquired an irregular heartbeat which affected his energy levels quite badly.  We believe now that his poor state of health contributed to our daughter’s skin problems at birth.  It was homeopathy and acupuncture that helped him recover to full health.  (Although he’s just had Hep B jabs for another tour away which resulted in 2 bouts of flu in 3 weeks and constant pain in his limbs and joints.)

So, I was determined to understand more about vaccination, not just for my children but also for my husband.  But, we didn’t have the internet, so it was good old fashioned “talking to people” and reading books from the library!  My decision was made.  No vaxing for my baby son.

The Army intervened.  They refused to fly us out and accommodate us with my husband on an overseas post if we didn’t vaccinate my son and update my daughter’s jabs.  Now I knew better – but then, I felt I had no choice.  So my daughter was jabbed AGAIN – and yes we had more coughing and the eczema cracked, oozed and bled.  More for my homeopath to do.

My son, however, had his DPT jabs and changed.  He was a sunny, chilled, happy baby.  Within a week of the first jab he started having filthy colds.  By the time he’d completed his course of DPT he had a constant cold or cough.  For a year he had one chest infection after another, pouring snot and vomiting phlegm.  He became unusually restless – actually he became something of a handful!

Then, guess what!!  Yup – MMR time.  We were back in a far corner of the UK.   I had a part time job and felt that socialising at a nursery would be good for him.  There was only one nursery and, you guessed it, they insisted he have the MMR.  I really struggled with this, so my homeopath promised to support me if he had it.  We went ahead and he had the MMR.   My opinion is that this is the injection that pushed him over the edge.  His behaviour worsened dramatically after the MMR. He became aggressive, biting and scratching, raging with awful tantrums and generally being a difficult child – like “terrible twos on steroids”.  The oddest thing was that his speech regressed; it became very hurried and jumbled. He developed a stammer which drove him insane with frustration because he couldn’t say what he wanted.

The chest infections persisted with constant coughs and he was diagnosed with asthma at 19 months and prescribed steroids.  My son never took those as he responded brilliantly to Chinese herbs and acupressure followed up with homeopathy.  The worst thing was the ear infections.  He ran terrifyingly high temperatures up to 41C but we were 40 mins from an A&E.  It was now that I started to really learn my homeopathy and discovered that we could only use these remedies as he instantly vomited any medication such as Calpol.

By the time he was 4 the “being a handful thing” was frankly “hyper-activity”.  He was a very bright boy and we assumed that he was just lacking challenges.  I handled his diet rigorously but nothing made any difference.

My boy’s state then developed until at age 7 he was diagnosed with ADHD.  I was now reading more and more about side effects from vaccines and began to see the pattern of healthy baby, vaccinated baby, chest infections, ear infections, speech regression, aggressive and hyperactive behaviour, ADHD and then at age 11 Aspergers Syndrome.   It was really apparent by the time he was 7 that he just didn’t understand social cues.  His behaviour was more because of sensory over-load and just not understanding how other people function.  It was SO tough on all of us.  He looked normal but because his behaviour was a nightmare at times I was labelled a “bad mother”.

When I think of the beautiful, chilled, golden baby I gave birth to and how his health and behaviour was destroyed following DPT and MMR it breaks my heart.  Unless you have a child with autism you cannot begin to imagine how hard the journey has been for us.  I cannot describe how it feels to have a perfect baby turn into the child from hell that no one likes or will be friends with.  My daughter was lucky.  She was only affected physically and not brain damaged but at least, with her gentle nature and bubbly personality it shows that we weren’t “bad parents”, we can raise a child who knows how to behave.

We’ve now dropped anchor and live in our own home, to bring stability to the children’s life.  This coincided with finding a wonderful Homeopath who set about a logical and clear process of vaccine detoxing and regular homeopathic support.  She actually liked my son and saw underneath the autism to who he really was.  It has taken 4 years of detoxing, diet and homeopathy, cranio sacral, healing and some great parenting to produce the boy he is today.  Now, you wouldn’t know he’s autistic.  He’s a character and unique but I’m so sad that we all had to go through the last 14 years of hell just because I thought I couldn’t so “No” to the vaccines.

Since these experiences.  I’ve seen my cat develop early arthritis in his shoulder – right by the annual vaccination spot.  This is now acknowledged by the veterinary profession as one of the dangers of vaccinating and they recommend that you alternate vaxing sites to avoid this.  I have also witnessed on  a regular basis vaccine reactions in horses.  I’ve seen them unable to walk for 24 hours after their jabs or come out in horrifying rashes and swellings.  On the bright side I’ve witnessed their transformation following a homeopathic vaccine detox.  There is a large and ever-growing body of evidence showing the connection between vaccination and cancer/auto-immune diseases in cats and dogs.  This also applies to humans.

I’ve read extensively into vaccination for humans and animals for the last 17 years and there is now nothing I can read that will change my mind.  I also understand the purpose of childhood illnesses.  I believe that they are there to enable the immune system to kick into action and to develop efficiently.  In turn, this means that the child is more unlikely to incur chronic auto-immune disease later in life.   If a child is healthy with a good diet and good hygiene there is no reason why they shouldn’t recover fully.  Throughout all these years of research I constantly see doctors writing that the negative side effects from these illnesses come as a result of inappropriate management.  It’s made me work hard at understanding more about the use of herbs and homeopathy.

I would rather my child need close sick nursing for 2 weeks with management and support from herbs, nutrition and homeopathy and develop lifetime immunity which can be passed on to their children, than go through the misery we incurred following vaccinating.  I just fail to see how injecting heavy metals and neurotoxins into my child is “good” for their immunity.  The body’s natural immune system works by taking in the bacteria or virus via the digestive or respiratory system or a wound to the skin (not a needle directly into the muscle).   I now work in natural health care and have taken many patient histories and it is so clear that there is a vaccine or course of medication of some sort just before that person became ill.

I feel so sorry for parents of young children now.  The pressure to vaccinate is huge and the fear mongering by the medical services and the press and our peers is enormous.  But – I really worry for the parents who choose not to vaccinate and don’t know how to sick nurse properly.  If you choose not to vaccinate make sure that you have a solid natural health therapist on board with you;  a homeopath or a naturopath.  Make sure you understand about the regular childhood illnesses.  Know which remedies to use and how to manage a fever.  I am now confident that I could nurse my kids through any of them but I’m 18 years down the line now.  I just wish I had the knowledge then that I have now.  How very different our lives would have been.

Whatever your decision, I wish you the very best and, either way, that you don’t end up regretting it like I did.

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This is why 6

Neither of my beautiful girls are vaccinated. I got pregnant with my first around about the time lady Di died. She’s 15 now. My youngest is nearly 13. It’s a very different experience parenting from the teenage end and not just because they can answer back! I don’t regret not vaccinating either of them. At the time it seemed like the most scary decision to make ever. Now there are discussions about the pill, alcohol and ketamine which actually feel much more scary. It’s always been a really controversial and emotive subject and I think always will be. At the time – when I was pregnant – I read loads of pro and con stuff. I read government stuff, and found out about ‘what the doctors don’t tell you’ and the informed parent’. The best book I read (easiest to read I was pregnant!) was called ‘vaccination an informed choice’ by Christina Head. The other thing I really felt useful was a list of the ingredients. That made really interesting reading. As did what to do and symptoms of the childhood diseases. What I could do myself. Where I could get help. Nutrition. Generally helpful stuff around the immune system and how to help it help itself. I have to admit it didn’t help that myself and my brother had developed whooping cough after the whooping cough vaccine as kids. I also looked at the percentage of kids that got the childhood illnesses despite being vaccinated which is surprisingly high. I also looked for research into the safety of vaccines of which there is surprisingly little. Amazingly little. In fact actually there is a tiny amount of evidence about the affects if putting all these toxins straight into the blood stream of a really small thing. Anyways I researched. I read around. I informed myself. I wasn’t going to make a decision lightly, this was my first child. This was and is one of the two most precious things in my life!!! I concluded that for me putting all that stuff directly into the blood stream if my tiny baby wasn’t for me and that I could change my mind about this as I went along and that as they grew up they could begin to make decisions about it all for themselves…… I was 6 months pregnant at the time. My family and their dads family took the news interestingly. My dad stopped speaking to me – after a sizeable amount of shouting – their dads dad was similarly angry. There was a lot of talk about how we were putting her life at risk. There was a lot if fear. Fear about not doing what the ‘experts’ told us to do, ‘ but the Dr knows best’. There was a lot of guilt piled on us about herd immunity. There was a lot of ‘this is a death sentence for this baby’. Weirdly that all just made me more convinced I’d made the right decision.

Since then my kids have been proper poorly. They’ve had measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, whooping cough, scarletina, hand foot and mouth, swine flu. And lots and lots of assorted colds coughs, broken limbs, sprains….just normal kid stuff really!! I can proudly say we’ve got through it all with homeopathy, osteopathy, a bit of acupuncture and nutrition/supplements. Neither of them have ever had to have antibiotics and only one of them has ever had to have any painkillers and that was only once. And this is so far because of course they have lots if life still in front of them!!

And then there’s been the discussion about the hpv vaccine!! Let’s just say this time we all read up about it and my then 12 yr old actually came and said to me ‘ seems the best way to avoid genital warts is to wear a condom not have a vaccine, and actually wearing a condom with all the sexually transmitted diseases they’ve talked to us about at school seems like a sensible option’. I have to say it was a proud moment.

There’s loads of other stuff I could tell you but the main thing is keep reading, don’t believe the hype, don’t buy into someone else’s fear and don’t be bullied or scaremongered into a decision you might regret. The main reason for any epidemic is poverty and malnutrition. The last time there were such bad epidemics was in the depression of the 1930s when, like today, the gap between rich and poor, have and have not was as huge as it is today!

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This is why 5

I still remember well how scared I was about choosing not to vaccinate my child – back then I hardly knew anyone else who’d done the same so felt isolated and not sure about the risks. But it made no sense to me to inject someone with substances like formaldehyde and mercury and a long list of other toxic (often totally disgusting!) ingredients so I did as much research as I could and went to talks and the more I discovered, the more certain I became that there must be better ways to protect our health!!! And now I’m so relieved that I had the courage – nearly two decades later my daughter’s health is much better than it had been when she was born and we’ve seen again and again how effective good nutrition and natural therapies like homeopathy and herbs and cranial osteopathy have been in helping her to recover from illness and helping her to thrive – today she’s blossoming and I dread to think what might have happened if I’d allowed that little baby, who’d been so plagued with eczema and allergies, to be vaccinated … her immune system was already over-sensitive and the consequences of vaccination could have been horrendous. This is how things like autism happen and the research by Big Pharma never looks at the long-term consequences of vaccines … My only regret is that I wasted so much energy on feeling anxious about the whole business – I’d advise other people to start trusting the amazing human body’s ability to heal – our race would have been extinct a long time ago if vaccines were our only protection!

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